About this blog

Follow us as we embark on our married life, work on our budding careers, try new things, and enjoy life.  We hope to share our successes, our failures, and things we’ve learned.  We hope to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone, start pursuing things they’ve wanted but hesitated to, to seize each day and live life to the fullest.


About Us

We are Dave and Sharon, a millennial couple in our late 20s residing in Boston.  We love adventures of all kinds.  Dave enjoys all things food from cooking and baking to brewing beer and roasting coffee.  He’s also a big DIY-er who who enjoys getting his hands dirty, whether by making household repairs or by building vacuum tube audio amplifiers.  Sharon likes gardening (to provide Dave with ingredients!) and eating what Dave cooks.  She also practices Taekwondo to burn off all the calories.  Hobbies we enjoy doing together include ceramics, learning foreign languages, and travel.