Redeeming Barbara’s Wild Rewards

I ate my first box of Barbara’s Puffins cereal about a month and half ago and it’s been the only cereal we’ve eaten since then.  We’ve already gone through six boxes.  I’ve tried the peanut butter, original, and cinnamon flavors.  Peanut butter has been my favorite.  Whole Foods has been coincidentally collaborative in preventing my craze to purchase Puffins cereal from breaking the bank by offering sales the past couple weeks.  I have been able to purchase boxes at prices ranging from $2.50 a box to $3.50 a box.  Normally, they are $4.39 an 11oz box, which I think is a bit pricey. [Update: I just learned that Trader Joe’s has a 16oz box for $3.99.  Comparing regular prices, that’s about 50% more cereal for a lower price.  I think I will be visiting Trader Joe’s for my Puffins in the future].

Barbara’s launched a rewards program last fall, Wild Rewards, that will allow you to redeem 500 points a coupon for $2 off any Barbara’s product.  Some points can be earned for signing up for the program, downloading activity sheets, watching videos, and playing games.  However, most rewards members will be earning points by purchasing Barbara’s products — 250 points per product.  There seem to be occasional promotions as I noticed I earned double points on some of my purchases and currently, the activity book reward can be redeemed for 1500 points instead of 2400 points.

I redeemed my first 3500 points for a plush panda.  I saw the points deducted from my online account, but I didn’t receive any e-mail regarding my redemption nor any notification as to how long it would take to arrive.  I redeemed my points online on February 20th, and I received the plush panda last Friday, March 10th, so it took almost 3 weeks for my reward to arrive.

The panda was also a little smaller than I envisioned, about 7 inches tall, but he certainly doesn’t lack in lovableness.  Plus, good things come in small packages!  I’ve named the panda Puffy and he is (naturally) a big Puffins cereal fan.  Looks like he’s a bit mischievous too (no crumbs in the bed, please!).

I just tried Barbara’s cheese puffs yesterday and they were tasty too.  I suspect I will be adding more Barbara’s products to my grocery list soon.




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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Barbara’s cheese puffs. I have a weakness for Cheetos so it will be nice to try an alternative!

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