Although it has been unexpectedly warm so far this winter, we are constantly being reminded that Christmas is just around the corner, from the Salvation Army bell ringers to the Christmas-themed candy at grocery stores. And last weekend, there was the Annual Boston Christmas Festival which Dave and I attended for the first time. The indoor festival was open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We went on the last day and I was very surprised how many attendees there were given the entrance fee was $15 per person over age 14, though there was a $2 off coupon available online. The entrance fee seemed steep at first, but overall it was a nice way to experience some Christmas cheer and get into the holiday mood. We spent 1-2 hours at the festival.

The festival featured specialty foods and crafts, such as BBQ sauce, honey, jewelry, ceramics, and dog treats. Many of the food exhibitors offered samples. The highlight of the festival was the gingerbread house competition. Below are some of photos of the elaborate gingerbread houses that were on display.

If the above photos haven’t inspired you to start making your own gingerbread house, here’s one that Dave and I made a few years ago :).


I did make one purchase at the festival from Jan’s Clay Flowers. Ironically, my purchase was not Christmas-themed, but perhaps, it’ll brighten the winter days ahead for me as I look forward to next year’s gardening season!