My perception of growing up has changed throughout the years.  When I was younger I thought one grew up when they hit a certain age or stage in their life and they would cease certain behaviors.  For example, when I was very little I thought I was being grown up when I decided I no longer needed to sleep with stuffed animals in my bed.  And as I grew older, I gradually stopped doing many of the activities I enjoyed as a kid.  I kept telling myself that I didn’t have time and I needed to study or “work” instead.

Now, I’ve realized that growing up means you take on a different set of responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean you have to choose a different set of things to enjoy.  I have since re-discovered some of my interests, such as gardening and arts and crafts, and am discovering new ones as well, such as travel.  If there is an activity I want to try, I no longer limit myself by saying I am too old.  The start of my married life was no exception!

When my husband and I got married this past January, we had our honeymoon at Disney World.  We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which had animals on-site that you can view during the day and night (with night vision googles).  Can you spot the Ankole cattle in the picture below?


The Animal Kingdom Lodge also have an array of activities for their guests.  A number of these activities are bead activities for guests ages 4 and up.  For each of these activities you attend, you can earn a bead and if you earn all of them you receive an extra Mickey Mouse bead.  You can read more about these activities here.  On our day away from the parks, I decided to go on a mission to collect all the beads.  My husband also came along for most of the activities.  We had a blast playing African drums, stuffing giraffe puzzle feeders, learning about African wonders, and more.  The fruits of our fun (and labor) are shown below!



Our trip to Disney has rekindled the kid inside both of us.  Thus, we have decided to start this blog to share the adventures we are encountering as adults.